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Alpha Release of ‘Tales of the Valiant’ RPG Announced by Kobold Press

Alpha Release of ‘Tales of the Valiant’ RPG Announced by Kobold Press

Kobold Press has announced the Alpha Release of its highly anticipated game, Tales of the Valiant RPG. This release follows four playtest packets and thousands of feedback submissions from a dedicated community of fans and gamers.

With the Alpha Release, RPG enthusiasts can now play Tales of the Valiant months before the full rules are officially published. Contained within a 160-page PDF, players will find all the essential rules needed to create characters and begin their adventure.

The Alpha Release features four character classes, each playable up to level 5. The game also comes loaded with equipment, spells, talents, and much more to immerse players in the rich world of Tales of the Valiant.

Kickstarter Backers will be the first to get their hands on the Alpha Release, with delivery scheduled for Monday, July 17th. Included with the Alpha Release is the introductory adventure, Caverns of the Spore Lord. Subsequently, the Alpha Release will be available for purchase and download on the Kobold Press website as well as DriveThru RPG.

As a part of the ongoing campaign, the Backer Kit will be opened to the public next week. During this pre-order process, the Alpha Release and the Caverns of the Spore Lord adventure will be available as add-ons.

Fans can also look forward to the first open playtests of Tales of the Valiant at Gen Con in three weeks, marking the game’s public debut.