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Embark on a Mystical Adventure with Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales by Game Start, Now on Kickstarter!

Embark on a Mystical Adventure with Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales by Game Start, Now on Kickstarter!

Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales, a captivating 5E compatible role-playing game set in a dark and mystic natural fantasy world. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, this immersive gaming experience includes a comprehensive rulebook, a 3D modular dungeon set, and over 200 highly detailed plastic miniatures.

With 19 days left in the campaign, Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales has already surpassed its initial funding goal of $20,851, currently sitting at an impressive $64,367 pledged by 363 backers. The campaign is scheduled to end on May 30, and eager gamers are encouraged to join in and secure their copy of this unique gaming experience.

Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales invites players to explore the enchanting world of Athafios, where ancient towers and forgotten sanctuaries are shrouded in a delicate balance of lights and shadows, matter and spirit. The game takes inspiration from the natural mysticism of the setting, offering a refreshing twist to the popular 5E rule system.

In this mystical land, players embody the Arkoiris, the bringers of the rainbow and the light of the elements. These chosen few are entrusted with rediscovering the world, rebuilding ley lines, regenerating sanctuaries, and closing breaches that threaten the delicate equilibrium. As the Arkoiris, players represent hope and are the driving force behind the restoration of order in Athafios.

The rich lore of Athafios unfolds through the different Peoples inhabiting the continent, each intrinsically connected to one of the four elements. The Aydons, Vargars, Gargouls, Kraa’Thuns, and Eridians possess unique characteristics and cultural backgrounds that shape their individual experiences within this vast and diverse world.

Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales introduces a range of new classes, such as Warriors, Mystics, Healers, Chanters, Cartographers, Explorers, Intermediaries, and Collectors. Each class offers distinct gameplay mechanics and advancements, allowing players to tailor their characters’ progression to match their preferred playstyle.

Venturing beyond the material plane, players can explore breaches leading to the metaphysical plane, where their characters’ bodies transform into pure energy. This transformation is mirrored on the Arkoiris Sheet, which players rotate by 180° to access new abilities and face different challenges in the alternate realm.

The Core Rulebook of Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales spans over 250 pages and provides players with all the necessary tools to embark on their mystical journeys. From character creation to advancements, special items based on energy, ley line spells, and a bestiary of creatures from both planes, the rulebook offers a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience.

As an added bonus, Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales offers new mechanics to enhance gameplay. The inclusion of rumors introduces narrative hooks and delves deeper into the myths of Athafios, while the exploration system allows players to create custom regional maps with writable surfaces and customizable stickers. Additionally, the game introduces clans and bloodlines, enabling characters to establish their own communities and settle in unexplored territories. The concept of sanctuaries, living places with unique rules for claiming, healing, and ritualizing, further enriches the gameplay experience.

The Kickstarter campaign also features a remarkable offering of over 200 highly detailed plastic miniatures. These 28mm figures perfectly represent the diverse characters, monsters, and animals inhabiting the world of Athafios. Designed for use with Sanctuary: Dungeon Tales and compatible with any other 5E game system, these miniatures provide an unparalleled level of visual immersion. The miniatures come with snap-fit 3D conditions and permanent effects, allowing players to easily track conditions, damage, and effects without the need for extensive note-taking.

Accompanying the miniatures is a stunning 3D modular dungeon set comprising over 180 elements. This colorful and versatile set enables players to create an infinite number of settings, ranging from underground dungeons to ruined cities and mystical woodlands. The rewritable nature of the modular maps adds an extra layer of customization, allowing players to adapt the details of their surroundings to suit their specific adventures.