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Privateer Press Unleashes Brineblood Marauders in WARMACHINE: Prepare for Epic Pirate Warfare!

Privateer Press, the renowned tabletop gaming company, has recently announced the introduction of the highly anticipated Brineblood Marauders in their popular game WARMACHINE. The company, known for their dedication to pirate-themed content, is thrilled to bring this exciting new army to the tabletops.

In the latest update of the WARMACHINE app, Privateer Press has unveiled the first wave of Brineblood Marauders cards. This includes the fearless warlock Admiral Boomhowler, the resilient Reef Troll, and the formidable Deepborn Dire Troll. Fans who have been closely following the development will notice a minor alteration to Boomhowler’s spell list, with Flashing Blade being replaced by Stormrager, among other flavorful adjustments made during the development process.

Privateer Press has promised to release more Brinebloods cards in the upcoming weeks and months, leading up to the launch of their Core Army Starter. Players who have been captivated by the previews so far can expect an array of exciting additions to the first army of the Southern Kriels, including the intriguing Pygmy Troll Balloon Bombers.

For those eager to assemble their own Brineblood Marauder army, Privateer Press is offering a pre-order option for the Brineblood Marauders Preview Battlegroup. This exclusive package includes Admiral Boomhowler, the Reef Troll, and Deepborn Dire Troll, along with their numerous weapon, animus, and upgrade options. Shipping for pre-orders will commence from the first of June.

One highlight of this release is the debut of Privateer Press’ new “Darker Gray” resin mix. The production team has been working tirelessly to develop this innovative material, which is sure to enhance the gaming experience for enthusiasts. As always, Privateer Press guarantees customer satisfaction and offers a full refund within 30 days for those not entirely pleased with their purchase.

Brineblood Marauders Preview Battlegroups are scheduled to ship by June 1st.