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Games Workshop Announces Extensive New ‘Cities of Sigmar’ Range for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Games Workshop Announces Extensive New ‘Cities of Sigmar’ Range for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Games Workshop has unveiled a vast range of new miniatures and units for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. The Battletome: Cities of Sigmar update promises to breathe new life into the game with its detailed line-up, encompassing a slew of existing warriors who comprise the battlehosts of Order.

The newly unveiled miniatures include a general, infantry, cavalry, gunners, and even an ogor, set to replace many existing models on a like-for-like basis. Furthermore, artillery units are expected to make their debut soon. Several current units, such as the Steam Tank, Celestial Hurricanum, and Imperial Griffon, will maintain their positions within the Cities of Sigmar.

The new battletome will also feature duardin and aelves, two other races that make up the armies of the God-king, alongside the focus on mortal humans. This expanded range implies that Cities of Sigmar generals will have increased flexibility in constructing their forces. Whether favoring mortal humans, a combination of aelves, duardin, and humans, or exclusively aelven or duardin armies, players will have myriad options to choose from.

Players can further customize their armies with a variety of battletomes featuring thematic rules for allies. For example, forces from Tempest’s Eye can recruit Kharadron Overlords, while the Living City can benefit from the addition of Sylvaneth forces.

However, this expansion also means that some units will be leaving the Age of Sigmar range. While many of these units will return in Warhammer: The Old World, the impending changes also include the removal of several models from the Cities of Sigmar battletome.

Despite these changes, Games Workshop reassures players that existing Cities of Sigmar armies can still be used. For instance, Wildwood Rangers can be used as Executioners, preserving the usefulness of existing collections. Players using older models not present in the new battletome are encouraged to ensure their opponents understand which units the models represent.

As Games Workshop gears up for the launch of this exciting new range, they also hint at an upcoming Old World Development Diary later this month, promising more exciting developments in the world of Warhammer.