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Aether Nexus: A High-Fantasy Mecha TTRPG is on Kickstarter Now

Aether Nexus: A High-Fantasy Mecha TTRPG is on Kickstarter Now

In a world where calamity has fractured reality and warriors clad in artifact armor fight to restore order, a new Kickstarter project called Aether Nexus is making waves. Powered by the Mecha Hack ruleset, this tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) by Absolute Tabletop has already doubled it’s goal on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign still has 24 days to go, ending on July 1.

Drawing inspiration from fantasy favorites like Escaflowne, Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, and Aura Battler Dunbine, Aether Nexus combines the thrill of mecha combat with the intrigue of a high-fantasy setting. It features unique player options, a full ruleset for customizing aetheric knights and their mechanized behemoths called Apparatus, and numerous Game Master tools to create exhilarating adventures.

Long ago, the world of Eskhara was whole and her people thrived, harnessing the arcane element known as aether to reach utopic heights of technology and magic. However, this age of wonder came to a brutal halt with the invasion of the Oghdra, an insectoid enemy from another realm. Only the towering Apparatus could withstand the Oghdra onslaught. The ensuing Hive Wars lasted centuries, ending with the Oghdra’s banishment into the Aethereal, a vast otherworldly dimension, and the shattering of Eskhara into floating fragments.

Now, centuries later, the Oghdra have returned, and the need for aetheric knights is more urgent than ever.

Players in Aether Nexus become these aetheric knights, forging a symbiotic bond with their allies and the Apparatus they command. The game offers diverse player choices, such as the selection of your kin, like the cursed Cloven or the amphibious Buforog, or the choice of your Apparatus frame, which can range from the fast-moving Imp to the magic-weaving Magus.

In addition to the base game, backers of the Kickstarter campaign gain immediate access to the Aether Nexus Playtest Rules, allowing them to experience the game firsthand. The campaign has already unlocked several stretch goals, including new frames for the Apparatus, a map of the broken world of Eskhara, and more quests for players to undertake.

Using the lightweight rules of The Mecha Hack, Aether Nexus allows for fast, fluid, and fun gameplay, with the added innovation of a Nexus die replacing the reactor die, and a shared Energy pool replacing individual hit points.

Aether Nexus promises to deliver a rich blend of mechanized combat and high-fantasy lore, accompanied by full-color illustrations from artists Ben Fleuter (Sword Interval, Beekeeper’s Tale) and Aleksandar Kostic (FÖRK BORG, Shadows Over Driftchapel).

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of piloting an artifact armor against the backdrop of a high-fantasy world, or if you’re a fan of the Mecha Hack looking for a fresh new campaign, Aether Nexus may be the Kickstarter campaign you’ve been waiting for.