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Paizo Offers a Glimpse into the Future with of the Wizard Class

Paizo Offers a Glimpse into the Future with of the Wizard Class

The Upcoming Remaster of Pathfinder’s Wizard Class Promises a More Academic and Thematically Rich Experience.

Paizo has unveiled new details about the highly anticipated remaster of its wizard class, part of the Pathfinder Player Core and GM Core set to be released this November. James Case, Senior Designer at Paizo, penned a comprehensive blog post explaining what changes players can expect in the upcoming remaster.

A More Academic Wizard

According to Case, the new wizard class aims to emphasize the academic aspects of wizardry. The feats and features will focus more on the scholarly elements like training, incantations, runes, and spell formulas. The iconic human wizard, Ezren, illustrated by Wayne Reynolds, serves as a perfect embodiment of this refined class theme.

Goodbye Eight Schools, Hello Customization

One of the significant changes will be the elimination of the eight schools of magic traditionally associated with the wizard class. This is in line with broader changes in the Remaster that required an overhaul of rules tied to the Open Game License (OGL). This shift allows for more customization and the ability to expand the wizard’s major paths—something the community has frequently requested. Now, players can expect tightly focused “mages’ curricula,” such as the School of Battle Magic or the School of Civic Wizardry, that genuinely capture the wizard’s thematic essence.

More Wizardly Tools

The remaster isn’t just about themes; it also brings new tools to the wizard class. One of the highlighted new feats is the “Secondary Detonation Array,” a one-action feat for 14th-level wizards. It allows players to create a magical circle that explodes at the beginning of their next turn, dealing damage based on the rank of the spell used to create it.

This new feat is designed to reflect the wizard’s academic mastery and encourage strategic, intelligent gameplay—fitting for a class whose key attribute is Intelligence.

The Future of Magic in Pathfinder

Case hints that more details on spells and new rules for spellcasting will be revealed soon, promising further excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the Remaster.