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New Starfinder Adventures on Alexa

New Starfinder Adventures on Alexa

We’re not really supposed to be out and hanging with our friends right now. As such, you might find yourself without a game to play. Well, if you’ve got an Alexa, you can play Starfinder right now. And there’s even more adventures now available.

From the announcement:

Nathan Fillion and Laura Bailey are back for the second half of the season, alongside a veteran voice cast, including Kevin Pariseau, Elizabeth Evans, Allyson Johnson, LJ Ganser, and Lauren Fortgang. To celebrate the launch, customers who purchase the Starfinder Beginner Box in-game receive the first episode of the audio adventure free!

The second half of Starfinder is available starting today, featuring three brand-new episodes. The Starfinder skill for Alexa is a multi-part interactive audio adventure game that transports players to a futuristic science-fantasy world where they can make decisions to advance and influence the outcome of the story just by using their voice. By simply saying “Alexa, play the Starfinder game,” customers can play one of the most captivating audio games available on Alexa-enabled devices today. According to Amazon, users have played nearly 2 million minutes of Starfinder, making it one of the most popular Alexa skills this year.