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Explore the Vibrant World of Mythas with Fablecraft, the Easy-to-Pick-Up Digital TTRPG Now on Kickstarter

Explore the Vibrant World of Mythas with Fablecraft, the Easy-to-Pick-Up Digital TTRPG Now on Kickstarter

Fablecraft, a new digital tabletop roleplaying game, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and it has already raised over three times its initial goal. Developed by Riftweaver, Fablecraft promises to be an easy-to-pick-up TTRPG with a digital platform that integrates text, video, and audio chat, making it ideal for remote play with friends.

In Fablecraft, players take on the roles of mages, superheroes who can wield magic better than most, exploring the vibrant world of Mythas. The game includes step-by-step character creation that is quick and seamless, allowing players to dive straight into the story and evolve their characters as they play. The game is easy for first-time GMs to run, with ready-to-play adventures that provide prompts, quest objectives, and NPC summaries.

Players can choose from a library of artwork and music to set the perfect scene and upload their own assets to suit their story. In turn-based combat, players move their tokens, view attack spells, range, and area of effect, and roll dice to hit. Damage is automatically calculated, eliminating the need for math.

Character classes and skills level up separately from combat abilities, allowing player advancement to be tailored to the party’s style of play. The guided, quiz-based character creation process takes around 15 minutes, and players can add to their character sheet as they play.

Mythas is a vibrant world built atop an ancient civilization, where nature dominates and magic runs wild. The developed regions include the Long Meadows, Coral Coasts, Wildwoods, and Highlands, each with its unique and magical properties that infuse the landscape, creatures, and those who are born there.

Fablecraft’s Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its initial goal, with over $36,000 pledged by 448 backers with 29 days remaining until the campaign ends on June 8th. Riftweaver has also announced plans to build an integrated marketplace for creators to sell directly to players, providing another platform for talented human artists and content creators.