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Embark on a Quest to Save Elissar with To Save A Kingdom on Kickstarter

Embark on a Quest to Save Elissar with To Save A Kingdom on Kickstarter

To Save A Kingdom has raised £36000 on Kickstarter with 27 days still left to go. Developed by Morrus, this 400-page hardcover adventure path trilogy, titled To Slay a Dragon, To Stake a Vampire, and To Smite a Fiend, promises to bring players on a thrilling journey through the mystical world of Elissar.

Players will be tasked with saving the kingdom from evil forces and will have to travel through spooky sandbox settlements, fight corruption in ancient forests, explore dungeons and much more. The journey will not be easy, but with the help of powerful artifacts and the bravery of the players, they will be able to overcome the challenges ahead.

The hardcover includes over 75 new monsters, nearly 40 new exploration challenges, and over 20 new magical items. In addition, players will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Elissar, with an overview of its lands, people, and cosmology, as well as in-depth details about the village of Hengistbury.

This adventure path has been designed for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition but is also compatible with the 5th Edition core rules. Players who opt to use Level Up will be able to enjoy additional depth to the rules, including a full exploration pillar, redesigned classes and much more.

To Save a Kingdom is not just an adventure path, it is a complete gaming experience. With add-ons like a Narrator’s Screen and a Combat Maneuver Card Deck, players will be able to fully immerse themselves in the world of Elissar. The game is also modular, allowing players to purchase individual books if they only want the monsters, class overhauls or exploration rules.