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Roll For Good Organizes Live-Streamed TTRPG Charity Event for ILGA World

Roll For Good Organizes Live-Streamed TTRPG Charity Event for ILGA World

Roll For Good (RFG), an international community of tabletop roleplaying game enthusiasts, is gearing up to host a live-streamed TTRPG charity event on May 27-28, in support of ILGA World.

The event, which will feature six one-shot actual plays of various games such as Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Himbo Treasure Hunt, MÖRK BORG, How To Be A Hero, Things From The Flood, and Dungeons & Dragons, aims to raise funds for ILGA World. This global organization works to advance legal, political, and social change for justice and equity for all individuals, irrespective of their sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and sex characteristics.

The live-streamed charity event will be accessible via and will include intermission solo-plays, interviews with Tomas Härenstam, co-founder and CEO of Free League Publishing, and Jasper W. Cartwright from Three Black Halflings. The event will also include live chats by MCs and giveaways to celebrate donation goals.

The RFG community is based primarily in Europe and the United Kingdom and represents a diverse range of individuals, including those who identify as queer, transgender, neurodivergent, POC, women and femme, disabled, and intersectional. The organization has a history of using the joy of tabletop roleplaying games to fundraise for causes and charities they support.

RFG’s volunteer staff includes Coordinators, Team Leads, and Team Members who bring together GMs and players and provide them with the support they need to play engaging one-shots that appeal to their audience and help raise funds for their chosen charity.

RFG has a history of successful charity events. Its inaugural event in May 2021 and the Halloween Hijinks event in October 2021 raised over £5,500 for Mind, a charity providing advice and support to those experiencing mental problems. The May 2022 event raised over £1,500 for World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization providing fresh meals in response to crises, such as the invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, the 2022 Halloween Hijinks event raised £1,200 in aid of Mermaids, a charity supporting transgender, non-binary, and gender-exploring children, young people, and their families.