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Mythic Greece Reimagined: Small Box Games’ New Trilogy in Omen Series Hits Kickstarter Success

Mythic Greece Reimagined: Small Box Games’ New Trilogy in Omen Series Hits Kickstarter Success

Small Box Games Launches Three New Omen Titles on Kickstarter

Small Box Games has launched a Kickstarter project featuring three new standalone titles in the acclaimed Omen series: “Songs of Far Shores,” “Banks of The Styx,” and “Whispers of The Muse.” Renowned for its engaging gameplay set in mythic Greece, the Omen series has captivated players since 2011. This latest addition offers a fresh experience for both veterans and newcomers.

Each game, priced at $11, is a standalone experience featuring 22 unique Unit cards and 6 unique Krater/City cards. These games are designed to be fully combinable and draftable, enriching the strategic possibilities. Aaron Nakahara and Liz Lahner’s stunning illustrations bring the mythic theme to life, while John Clowdus’ design ensures a captivating gameplay experience.

With a goal of $5,000, the project has already surpassed expectations, amassing over $12,000 with 288 backers and still 8 days left. Backers can choose from various rewards, including print and play files for $4, all three games with additional reference cards for $33, and a deluxe version at $43 featuring a special black and gold box and metal coins.

The Omen series is known for its two-player format, where players compete as half-god siblings vying for the favor of the Olympian Gods. The games end when all 3 Cities have been razed, with players using coins to play units and set up combos. This format provides a blend of strategy and luck, appealing to both casual and serious gamers.

Small Box Games, led by John Clowdus, stands out for its commitment to personal involvement in every aspect of the game, from design to shipping. The games are printed domestically, and each copy is assembled, packed, and shipped by Clowdus himself, adding a personal touch rarely seen in the industry.