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NAVKAKRI: A Modern Take on Nine Men’s Morris Board Game

NAVKAKRI: A Modern Take on Nine Men’s Morris Board Game

Frolix has launched its latest project, NAVKAKRI, on Kickstarter. This innovative board game is an upgraded version of the classic Nine Men’s Morris game, combining the ancient game with modern technology to provide a unique gaming experience.

With 29 days left in the campaign, NAVKAKRI has already surpassed its initial funding goal of CA$9,500, with current funding reaching CA$17,700. The campaign will close on May 12th, and backers can still pledge to receive the game at a discounted price before it hits retail.

NAVKAKRI is a two-player game that challenges players’ strategic and planning skills to move their nine pieces on the board while competing against each other. Unlike games that rely on chance, NAVKAKRI is entirely based on strategic decision-making, with no luck-based elements involved.

The board game comes with an impressive sensor grid that employs a SmartAssist algorithm, which tracks the movements of the pieces and provides visual assistance in real-time. It allows players to fully concentrate on the game and makes it more interesting. The grid tracks each piece of both players, detects formed mills, and highlights the mills with green color and sound, while simultaneously highlighting the opponent’s pieces in red.

The board features an eye-catching design with lights and sound, creating an immersive experience for players. The board holds the pieces inside a uniquely shaped hideout area, and the platform lifts the pieces up from the board upon starting the game.

NAVKAKRI offers a high level of convenience with its built-in rechargeable battery, making it effortless to keep the game powered up and ready to play. The long-lasting battery allows for playing up to 40 rounds of the game on a single charge, and the board also features a Power LED that provides clear indications of the battery level and charging status.

The board game is carved out of Aluminum alloy, and the beautifully designed pieces are easy to recognize by the board. NAVKAKRI comes in two color themes to choose from: Modern or Classic.

Frolix has created an exciting and innovative board game that takes the ancient game of Nine Men’s Morris to a new level. With its modern technology and unique features, NAVKAKRI is an excellent addition to any board game collection. Backers can still pledge on Kickstarter to receive the game at a discounted price, and the game will be available for retail purchase soon.