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Asmodee Launches Dobble Connect: A New Twist on the Fast-Paced Family Game

Asmodee Launches Dobble Connect: A New Twist on the Fast-Paced Family Game

Asmodee new release Dobble Connect is set to add a new dimension to the already-popular game, as families will now be able to play in teams. With gameplay that requires quick thinking and fast reflexes, the new version is sure to provide even more entertainment for fans of the game.

Dobble Connect is played using hexagonal cards that players must match up by finding the common symbols. However, unlike the classic version, teams will now compete to be the first to connect four cards in their team color. The game is designed to keep everyone involved and on their toes, with players able to use their cards to block other teams before they can connect.

Featuring modern graphics with lifestyle items, Dobble Connect is also expected to attract older players, as well as teens and adults who already enjoy the classic version. The new edition is recommended for ages 8 and up, and will retail for £14.99.

Dobble Connect is the latest addition to the Dobble range, which includes other popular editions such as Dobble Friends, Dobble Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney Princess, and Pixar. Asmodee UK has stated that the compact tin design of the game makes it easy to take anywhere and play at any time.

The release of Dobble Connect is eagerly awaited by fans of the game, who will be excited to see how the team-based gameplay adds to the already thrilling and fast-paced nature of the original Dobble. Dobble Connect will be available to purchase from April 2023.