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Cascadia: Rolling: A New Puzzly Adventure on Kickstarter

Cascadia: Rolling: A New Puzzly Adventure on Kickstarter

“Cascadia: Rolling,” a new flip-and-roll-and-write game is making a splash on Kickstarter. Designed by Randy Flynn and brought to life by the illustrations of Beth Sobel, this game is the latest creation from the team at Flatout Games, known for their previous hit, Cascadia. With 37 days left in the campaign, it has already garnered significant support, raising US$ 118,086 from 3,306 backers, far surpassing its initial US$ 8,000 goal.

“Cascadia: Rolling” introduces players to a puzzling adventure set in the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. The game is built around a simple premise: roll dice, collect wildlife, complete habitat cards, and fill in puzzles on personal environment sheets to create a harmonious ecosystem. What sets this game apart is its simultaneous play mechanism, allowing for quick gameplay and the ability to accommodate an unlimited number of players with multiple game sets.

The game is notable for its variability and strategic depth, offering unique action dice, advanced completion cards, and environment sheets that ensure no two games are the same. Players can look forward to exploring the different puzzles and challenges presented by each unique environment sheet, making the game easy to learn but continuously engaging.

As a special incentive, Kickstarter backers have the opportunity to receive two mini-expansions, the Summit Goal and Forces of Nature, at no extra cost. These expansions add new dimensions to the game, including competitive goals and asymmetrical player powers that offer new ways to score and interact with the game.

“Cascadia: Rolling” is available in two versions: “Cascadia: Rolling Hills” and “Cascadia: Rolling Rivers,” each offering unique gameplay elements and content. Backers are encouraged to pledge for both versions to maximize their gameplay experience, enabling play for 1-8 players across 8 different maps. The campaign also highlights the game’s solo and family modes, catering to a wide range of players and preferences.