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Fighters of the Pacific: The New WWII Tactical Board Game Takes to the Skies in US Stores on March 2nd

Fighters of the Pacific: The New WWII Tactical Board Game Takes to the Skies in US Stores on March 2nd

Get ready to take to the skies in the latest tactical board game, “Fighters of the Pacific,” which will be available in US stores starting from March 2nd. This fast-paced and easy-to-learn game is set during World War II and features naval air battles in the Pacific theatre.

Designed by Frank Garibaldi and funded through Kickstarter, “Fighters of the Pacific” comes with a huge modular board, dozens of aircraft and ships, and ten different historical scenarios. Players control multiple squadrons of fighters, bombers, and torpedo aircrafts to dominate the skies and launch attacks on the enemy’s ships and islands.

One of the standout features of the game is its realism. Each airplane has its own attributes in terms of speed, armor, and special abilities, and each piece is illustrated as closely as possible to its historical counterpart to maximize immersion. No dice or rulers are needed; instead, players move each plane individually on a hex grid and must try to dodge or take damage when maneuvering to get an enemy plane in their sights. Some airplanes can even use torpedoes and bombs to destroy ships and ground installations.

“Fighters of the Pacific” also features carrier and aircrafts from four real aircraft carriers that fought in 1942, including the Japanese Akagi and Kaga that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the battle of Midway, as well as the American USS Hornet and USS Yorktown that were involved in the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway.

Don’t Panic Games successfully fulfilled the Kickstarter campaign and is now shipping the game to distributors, with Ares Games handling distribution in North America. With its unique gameplay mechanics and historical accuracy, “Fighters of the Pacific” is sure to be a hit with board game enthusiasts and history buffs alike.