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Free League Unveils Game Portfolio for 2023, Featuring The Walking Dead RPG and Lord of the Rings Roleplaying

Free League Unveils Game Portfolio for 2023, Featuring The Walking Dead RPG and Lord of the Rings Roleplaying

Free League, the renowned game publisher has revealed its game portfolio for 2023, which includes an array of new games and expansions to its award-winning titles. With something for everyone, gamers can look forward to exploring strange and wondrous worlds in Free League’s tabletop RPGs.

Among the announced games for 2023 is The Walking Dead Universe RPG, which will be launched on Kickstarter on March 14. This new tabletop roleplaying game is the official game for AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe and will allow players to face impossible life and death choices in a post-apocalyptic sandbox. The game features a new spin on Free League’s award-winning Year Zero engine, allowing players to not only hone their physical skills but also deeply explore what makes them tick.

Another highly anticipated game is The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, a new adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien using the rules for 5E. Based on the second edition of The One Ring™ by Francesco Nepitello, this beautifully illustrated full-color hardback volume contains everything players need to create exciting adventures set in Middle-earth. The game includes six original heroic cultures from the land of Eriador, six new classes, and comprehensive rules for journeys, councils, wondrous artifacts, and the subtle magic of Middle-earth.

Dragonbane is the new and reimagined edition of Sweden’s first and biggest tabletop roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner. Designed from the ground up to facilitate fast-paced fantasy adventures, with very little prep time, this classic fantasy RPG is full of magic, mystery, and adventure.

Gamers who love pirates will be delighted to hear about PIRATE BORG, a scurvy-ridden, rules-light, art-heavy RPG based on MÖRK BORG. This game is about being a greedy, filthy scoundrel and will take players on a thrilling adventure on the high seas.

Zone Wars – A Mutant: Year Zero Skirmish Game is a fast and furious game of tabletop miniature skirmishes set in the acclaimed Mutant: Year Zero universe. Players can lead a band of mutant stalkers into the Zone and fight others to scavenge artifacts from the Ancients.

Free League has also announced a range of exciting expansions for its existing games. Tales From the Loop – They Grow Up So Fast is a new campaign expansion for the award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG, which will take players on a journey to the ’80s as they never were. Symbaroum – Davokar Awakens is a new adventure expansion for the praised dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Symbaroum, which will plunge players into the Eternal Night that has descended on the Forest of Davokar. The Ruins of Symbaroum – Adventure Compendium and Ruins of Symbaroum – Call of the Dark will take players on thrilling adventures in the world of Symbaroum. Forbidden Lands – Book of Beasts and Forbidden Lands – The Bloodmarch will introduce new monsters and a new location to the Forbidden Lands fantasy RPG. Coriolis – Wake of the Icons will conclude the epic and richly illustrated campaign for Coriolis – The Third Horizon.

Urban Operations is a modular expansion focused on urban environments that is loosely based on the classic module Free City of Krakow from the first edition of Twilight: 2000 RPG. The boxed set includes new combat and travel rules for urban environments, new factions for the PCs to tangle with, new scenario sites to explore, and introduces the new plot concept to create longer story arcs.

With its diverse portfolio of games and expansions, Free League is sure to have something to offer gamers of all tastes and preferences. From post-apocalyptic survival to high-fantasy adventures, from swashbuckling pirates to mysterious forests, the company’s games are guaranteed to take players on thrilling journeys to worlds both strange and familiar.