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Paizo Details “Starfinder Enhanced” – A Major Expansion to the Popular Science Fantasy RPG

Paizo Details “Starfinder Enhanced” – A Major Expansion to the Popular Science Fantasy RPG

Starfinder fans can expect a major expansion to the popular science fantasy roleplaying game later this year. Paizo Inc., the publisher behind Starfinder, has announced the release of a new hardback book, Starfinder Enhanced, which promises to bring even more options and gameplay mechanics to the already rich and diverse game.

The 192-page book, set to hit store shelves in October 2023, features a plethora of new content, including additional themes, species, class options, archetypes, feats, spells, rituals, creature companions, items, and subsystems. According to Paizo Inc., this new release is the largest influx of rules into the game since the Starfinder Character Operations Manual.

Starfinder Enhanced will also re-introduce some species that have previously appeared in older Adventure Paths and even the Starfinder Alien Character Deck. Among them are popular Pathfinder species like the grippli and kitsune, as well as a few brand-new ones, including the moyishuus.

One of the most significant changes in Starfinder Enhanced is the “enhanced” versions of four existing base classes: Envoy, Solarian, Technomancer, and Witchwarper. These classes will receive a fresh coat of paint with revised mechanics that include tweaks to core abilities and filling in some levels that previously lacked interesting class options. This is expected to make the classes more combat-ready and less reliant on repetitive tactics.

Paizo Inc. is keeping much of the details about Starfinder Enhanced under wraps, but the publisher has confirmed that the book will offer more of everything that players love about Starfinder. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to the game, Starfinder Enhanced is sure to provide an exciting new experience. Fans of the game should mark their calendars for the release of this book and get ready to dive into a universe filled with endless possibilities.