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Gooey Cube Launches “The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx” on Kickstarter

Gooey Cube Launches “The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx” on Kickstarter

In a remarkable tribute to Gary Gygax, one of the founding fathers of the tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) universe, Gooey Cube, in collaboration with Luke Gygax and Alphinius Goo, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. “The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx: Adventure & Campaign Setting” aims to bring a unique blend of adventure and nostalgia to tables everywhere, and it seems to be doing just that, having already amassed US$ 156,650 in pledges against a modest goal of US$ 25,000, with 761 backers and 26 days still on the clock.

This campaign is not just any ordinary TTRPG adventure; it’s a collector’s dream and a playable homage to the legendary Gary Gygax. Designed for 5E D&D, OSE, and similar systems, the project offers a special Collector’s Edition only available through this Kickstarter, alongside promises of “AMAZING” stretch goals.

“The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx” is not merely an adventure but a mega-adventure complemented by the Gyzaengaxx Environs Box-Set Campaign, promising a rich, challenging, and humorous experience. The setting is rife with monsters, magic, and mysteries, paying homage to the rich history of TTRPGs. Furthermore, the campaign setting allows GMs to immerse players in a world that is both dark and dangerously funny, promising many hours of gaming fun whether it’s set in Gooey Cube’s World of Zyathé, Gaxxworx’s World of Okkorim, or adapted to fit one’s own fantasy world.

Beyond the adventure, the campaign offers an array of materials designed to reduce GM prep time significantly. From full-color art handouts and NPC portraits to stunning maps and magic item cards, the creators have gone above and beyond to ensure that the GM’s life is as easy as possible while providing an unforgettable experience for players.

The Kickstarter campaign also teases the involvement of many legends of the game as NPCs within the adventure, adding a layer of depth and nostalgia for long-time fans of the genre. With stretch goals and add-ons that promise “ridiculous value,” backers are encouraged to pledge higher to unlock even more rewards.

The campaign setting covers the environs around The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx in great detail, introducing locations like the Village of Etholmm and the Village of Blun, each with its own set of dangers and stories. The box set includes a Lore Book, a Game Master Reference Book, and a plethora of supporting materials like full-color maps and NPC portraits, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive experience.

For those brave enough to delve into the mysteries of the Tomb itself, the adventure promises a rollercoaster of emotions, from horror to hilarity, as players confront deadly monsters, navigate cunning traps, and uncover dark secrets. Designed for character levels 6 to 8, the adventure is a test of skill, wit, and bravery.