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Atlas Games Unveils Trio of Thrilling New Releases: Planegea, Godsforge, and Kitty Noir

Atlas Games Unveils Trio of Thrilling New Releases: Planegea, Godsforge, and Kitty Noir

Atlas Games has announced the release of three new exhilarating games – “Planegea”, “Godsforge”, and “Kitty Noir”. All three games showcase the unique flair and creativity that the game publisher is known for.

“Planegea”, scheduled for release this summer, thrusts players into a prehistoric fantasy setting compatible with the 5E game system. The game combines sword & sorcery pulp adventure with epic role-playing in a Stone Age world. It features a high-quality, full-color hardcover book boasting over 380 pages of prehistoric goodness. As an added thrill, players have the opportunity to play as dinosaur characters in this unique world where the planes of existence have not yet separated.

Also coming out this summer, is the second edition of “Godsforge”. This game stands out for its quick, fun spell casting and simultaneous play where all players roll their dice and craft their spells at the same time. The game revolves around the mighty struggle for Etherium, the ultimate source of magical power. In “Godsforge”, you are a great mage battling for control over the last reservoir of Etherium, using it to summon titans, conjure devastating sorceries, and gain god-like power.

“Kitty Noir”, set to be released in September 2023, is an intriguing detective game that draws its inspiration from classic film noir, crime movies of the 1930s-1950s, and Golden Age science fiction stories of time travel. This unique game is set in the mysterious town of Sunset City, where even the residents don’t seem to remember their lives outside the city. Here, players take on the role of magical kitties tasked with solving mysteries, forming the Cat Eyes Detective Agency. With their unique abilities, they uncover that the city is frozen in time inside a magical bubble, with secrets that someone doesn’t want to be revealed.