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Free League Publishing Releases The Dragonbane Bestiary

Free League Publishing Releases The Dragonbane Bestiary

Today, Free League Publishing announced the release of the Dragonbane Bestiary, an expansion for the fantasy RPG Dragonbane. This new publication introduces a comprehensive collection of creatures, ranging from the fantastical to the fearsome, designed to enrich the gaming experience for players and dungeon masters alike.

The bestiary features a total of 63 creatures, each detailed with text and illustrations. The selection includes a variety of beings such as cat people, chimeras, fairies, frog people, hippogriffs, hydras, and many others. This expansion not only adds to the existing roster of adversaries and allies within the Dragonbane universe but also introduces nine new playable kin, each with unique abilities that offer new possibilities for gameplay and character development.

The Dragonbane Bestiary is presented in a full-color hardcover format, with cover art by Johan Egerkrans and illustrations by David Brasgalla. It is available in both a standard edition and a Collector’s Edition, which features a faux leather cover and gold foil print for collectors and enthusiasts seeking a premium version.

In addition to the bestiary, Free League Publishing has also released a Standee Set, offering cardboard representations of the creatures for use on battle maps. This set is available separately and aims to enhance visual representation during gameplay.

The launch also includes a hardback version of the Dragonbane Rulebook, available in both standard and Collector´s Editions. This edition mirrors the content of the softcover rulebook included in the Dragonbane Core Set but adds an introductory adventure titled “The Castle of the Robber Knight” to facilitate new players’ entry into the game.

The Dragonbane Bestiary, Rulebook, and Standee Set are now available for purchase through the Free League webstore and at retailers worldwide. Digital versions of the Bestiary and Rulebook are also offered as PDFs at DriveThruRPG. Furthermore, the bestiary has been made available as a module on Foundry VTT, and the Dragonbane Core Rules Foundry VTT Module has been updated to include the introductory adventure.