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Rulefactory Launches Kickstarter for Library of Jakkarth Board Game

Rulefactory Launches Kickstarter for Library of Jakkarth Board Game

Rulefactory has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest magical adventure game, Library of Jakkarth. This easy-to-learn game is perfect for 2 to 5 players who want to immerse themselves in a world of magic and mystery.

As of now, 178 backers have pledged a total of $11,988 towards the Kickstarter campaign’s goal of $22,260, with 24 days left. The campaign ends on June 16.

In Library of Jakkarth, players take on the role of Spellcasters who delve into the ominous halls of the library to uncover rare spells and mystical items. The ultimate goal is to be the first player to find five magic keys of the same kind and use them to open the gateway to freedom, thereby winning the game.

Venturing into the library is not for the faint-hearted. Other players may use magic to hinder your quest, and the library itself houses ancient protectors known as the guardians. These entities grow increasingly aggressive as you uncover more of the library, relentlessly pursuing you until you either escape or meet your untimely demise.

The setup for Library of Jakkarth takes merely 5 minutes. Players receive a character and overview card, matching character figure, a random blue hand card, and two dice. The rooms are shuffled with valuable red rooms and threatening guardian rooms mixed in.

The game is turn-based, with players performing up to three actions per turn. These actions can range from moving and exploring, looting bookshelves, casting spells, equipping a relic, moving obstacles, or finally, using five keys to open the exit and claim victory.

Players roll two dice and move as many fields as indicated by the summed value. New rooms are revealed as players reach the edge of a room. Room exploration needs to be done with caution, as dangers and opportunities lurk in every corner.