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Incredible Dream Announces Remastered ‘A Gentle Rain’ and Target Exclusive ‘Bloom Edition’

Incredible Dream Announces Remastered ‘A Gentle Rain’ and Target Exclusive ‘Bloom Edition’

Incredible Dream, in collaboration with game designer Kevin Wilson, has unveiled plans to release a remastered edition of the game “A Gentle Rain.” This updated version is scheduled for release on June 4, 2024, and will be available through the game’s official website and at select retail locations. Additionally, a special “Bloom Edition” will be available exclusively at Target stores nationwide and on

Kevin Wilson, the creator of “A Gentle Rain,” shared insights into the game’s origins, explaining it was initially designed as a Christmas present for friends and family in 2013. The game was conceived as a solo or group activity to offer a peaceful experience, inspired by Wilson’s use of jigsaw puzzles as a personal stress and anxiety management tool. Wilson expressed pleasure at the game’s enduring appeal and its return to the market.

The remastered “A Gentle Rain” features an American Lake theme, maintaining its compact design suitable for small play areas. It includes wooden lily tokens and soft-touch tiles, with added glossy raindrop details and enhanced illustrations. The game will also feature rules in multiple languages to accommodate a broader audience, priced at $19.99 USD.

Jane Chung Hoffacker, CEO of Incredible Dream, highlighted the game’s quick, restorative play and its appeal across various ages, noting its simplicity and effectiveness as a calming activity.

The “Bloom Edition” offers an exclusive experience with sculpted lotus flower tokens in eight colors, presented in a taller box designed to display the tokens attractively. This edition aims to provide a unique visual and tactile experience for players.

Postcolonial Theo

Sunday 11th of February 2024

The announcement of "A Gentle Rain's" remastered and the exclusive "Bloom Edition" on Tabletop Gaming News reflects a beautiful step towards integrating themes of mindfulness and connectivity within gaming. Such games not only offer a respite from our often chaotic world but also serve as gentle reminders of the importance of slowing down, appreciating the moment, and fostering connections with those around us. Their availability through mainstream outlets like Target further signifies the growing appreciation and demand for games that emphasize peace, reflection, and the beauty of the natural world.

Incredible Dream anuncia remasterizaci√≥n de ‘A Gentle Rain’ y la exclusiva ‘Bloom Edition’ de Target – El Broder Games

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

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