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Cephalofair Announces Gloomhaven 2: Frosthaven

Cephalofair Announces Gloomhaven 2: Frosthaven

It’s getting cold out here in the northern hemisphere. Winter winds are quickly approaching. And that’s not the only cold thing headed your way. Cephalofair Games has announced Frosthaven. Yes, it’s a new Gloomhaven world to explore around in. The company is also taking the chance to update some of the mechanics of the game, effectively making this Gloomhaven 2nd edition. Considering how many of you love the original, I’m sure you’ll be excited about this.

From the announcement:

Frosthaven is coming!

I know, I know, we just announced Jaws of the Lion, and now there’s this, too! So much new Gloomhaven! Or, err, I mean Frosthaven.

While Jaws of the Lion is geared towards bringing in new players to the Gloomhaven world, Frosthaven is my chance to tell another epic story on the scale of the original game, with the same complexity and grandeur. This is Gloomhaven 2.0, with 16 new characters, over 25 new enemies, over 100 new items, somewhere around 100 new scenarios, and so much more.

So why Frosthaven? Well, that is the name of a small outpost far to the north of the capital city of White Oak. There, a group of mercenaries at the end of their rope will help bring back this settlement from the edge of destruction. Not only will they have to deal with the harsh elements, but there are other, far more dangerous threats out in the unforgiving cold as well.

There are Algox, the bigger, more yeti-like cousins of the Inox, attacking from the mountains, Lurkers flooding in from the northern sea, and there are even rumors of machines that wander the frozen wastes of their own free will. The party of mercenaries must face all of these perils, and perhaps in doing so, make peace with these new races so they can work together against even more sinister forces.

I could probably rant for a good while about everything that is going to be in this game, but I don’t want to throw out any potential spoilers, and also I am going to be doing a lot of ranting already on Saturday at PAX Unplugged. On Saturday at 10am in the Mothman Theatre, I’ll be doing a live Q&A with Tom Vasel about all things Frosthaven. I’ll answer his questions, and questions from the audience, and it will be a grand old time.”