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40k Risk Now Available

40k Risk Now Available

40k. The chances are, many of you out there have played it at some point. Risk. Again, the chances are, many of you have played it at some point. But have you played 40k Risk? No? Well, of course not. The game was only just released by The OP Games. You can go pick up your copies now and fight in the grimdark future in a whole new way.

From the release:

The Op has unleashed your entry to a global opposition, fusing the classic game of conquest with a boundless fight for control over the future. Welcome to RISK: Warhammer 40,000!

It is the 41st millennium – a grimdark future where humanity fights for survival on countless planets across the galaxy, including the Imperial planet Vigilus. Stand by your army of choice in The Battle of the War of the Beasts, as one of five powerful Factions—Ultramarines, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Aeldari Craftworlds, and Genestealer Cults—each powerful in combat by virtue of specialized vehicles and tactics.