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Step into the Upside Down: CMON Launches Stranger Things Board Game

Step into the Upside Down: CMON Launches Stranger Things Board Game

Fans of the wildly popular Netflix series Stranger Things now have a new way to immerse themselves in the show’s captivating universe: a board game titled “Stranger Things: Upside Down,” now available from renowned tabletop game developer CMON.

The game transports players to the seemingly average town of Hawkins, Indiana, where they must band together to save their home from the dark horrors of the Upside Down. Masterminded by the notable game designer Rob Daviau, the game combines strategy, cooperation, and elements of the supernatural, creating a thrilling board game experience that reflects the suspense and camaraderie inherent to the hit show.

In “Stranger Things: Upside Down,” players adopt the roles of the brave and resourceful kids from the series, tasked with thwarting the shady operatives from the Hawkins National Laboratory and the otherworldly threats they’ve unleashed. Just like in the series, friends don’t lie or give up, and players will need to embody this ethos to succeed. They will need to work in concert to eliminate stacks of tokens and keep the threats at bay before time runs out.

The game promises a rich, replayable experience with two distinct seasons of play. This design choice allows fans to delve deeper into the gripping narrative and suspenseful situations found in Hawkins, Indiana, providing a fresh and unique experience each time they play.

With the launch of “Stranger Things: Upside Down,” CMON continues its legacy of producing immersive board games that successfully bring popular intellectual properties to the tabletop. This new addition to their catalog is sure to be a hit among fans of the series, adding a unique, hands-on dimension to the Stranger Things experience.

Players eager to battle the monstrous creatures of the Upside Down and explore the secrets of Hawkins can now find “Stranger Things: Upside Down” available for purchase. So gather your friends, plan your strategies, and get ready to step into the world of Stranger Things like never before.