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Studio Historia’s Guadalcanal Campaign Collection “First to Fight: USMC 1942-1945 Vol 1” Gains Momentum on Kickstarter

Studio Historia’s Guadalcanal Campaign Collection “First to Fight: USMC 1942-1945 Vol 1” Gains Momentum on Kickstarter

Studio Historia is captivating military history enthusiasts and wargamers alike with its Kickstarter campaign “First to Fight: USMC 1942-1945 Vol 1 Guadalcanal Campaign.” This engaging collection features a range of United States Marine Corps figures, vehicles, and terrain from the pivotal Guadalcanal Campaign of World War II.

With 13 days left until the campaign closes on June 18, the project has already attracted 278 backers, significantly surpassing its original target of $3,000 with pledges currently totaling $23,719.

The Guadalcanal Campaign was an arduous chapter in the history of the US Marine Corps. Despite operating under constrained supplies and using bolt action Springfield Rifles, the Marines managed to combat an entrenched veteran enemy and come out victorious in harsh conditions. Studio Historia’s range aims to honor this victory and the grit of the Marines involved in this campaign.

The Guadalcanal Collection is the first of Studio Historia’s planned series showcasing the US Marines in the Pacific theater during World War II. Backers can choose between physical miniatures and STL digital files for 3D printing, with models scaled to 28mm (1/56) for physical offerings and default scale for digital printing.

Studio Historia ensures high quality for its physical miniatures by using a proprietary blended flex resin for printing, ensuring sharp prints with durability in mind for painting and gameplay. Pledge rewards vary and include stretch goal unlocks for additional content for digital pledges. Physical pledges can add unlocked stretch goals at a discounted price.

The core pledge encompasses a rich variety of figures, including a HQ unit, two rifle squads, a BAR squad, an M1919A4 machine gun team, an M2 60mm mortar team, and an M2A4 light tank. Furthermore, early bird backers within the first 48 hours will receive a unique figure set of Navajo Code Talkers, who played a crucial role in secure communications during the war.

Studio Historia also offers a tribute figure of Ed Bearss, an influential American Civil War historian and veteran of the Guadalcanal Campaign. The figure, titled “Living the History, He Preserved,” commemorates Bearss’ contribution to military history and his time as a BAR gunner in the Raiders during the Guadalcanal Campaign.