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Asmodee Previews Demise of a Teetotaler Mystery

Asmodee Previews Demise of a Teetotaler Mystery

Well, as a teetotaler, myself, I have to say that I’m concerned about this mystery. O,o
Demise of a Teetotaler is a new mystery coming in the Carlton House and Queen’s Park expansion for Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. As before, these mysteries will test your skills of deduction and make you look for clues in all manner of interesting places and ways. Get a little glimpse into what you can expect with this preview.

From the post:

The gas lit streets of Victorian London are filled with swirling fog and questionable shadows, hiding the cruelest intentions and ripe with crime. Luckily, they are also home to the world’s only (and best!) consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Aided by Dr. Watson and the rascally Baker Street Irregulars, no crime is too complex nor any criminal too elusive for Holmes.

In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, a co-op game of solving crimes with logic and deduction, you and a handful of friends take on the roles of these Baker Street Irregulars, looking to solve ten of the many cases awaiting Holmes in the dreary streets of London. These ten new cases await you in Carlton House and Queen’s Park, including some of the toughest cases to crack yet!

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the beginning of the first of those cases—The Demise of a Teetotaller—to show just a sneak peek of what you’ll expect to encounter within the Carlton House and Queen’s Park box.