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Itten Set to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City Board Game Expansion

Itten Set to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City Board Game Expansion

Itten, a Japanese board game studio, has announced its upcoming Kickstarter campaign to introduce two new English editions of “TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City.” Scheduled to run from January 23 to mid-February 2024, the campaign will feature an expansion and an upgraded edition of the original board game, aiming to provide enthusiasts with an enriched city-building experience.

TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City Expansion: Cityscape Building for 2-4 Players

Designed for 2-4 players, TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City Expansion focuses on cityscape building. Participants compete to construct highways, incorporating newer landmarks and increasing the number of cars on the evolving landscape. The expansion introduces a competitive element by adding missions to the gameplay.

Drawing inspiration from Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City maintains the essence of the original while offering an enhanced visual experience. The expansion is positioned to cater to both existing players and those new to the game.

Kickstarter Details: Two Editions on Offer

The Kickstarter campaign will feature two editions:

  1. Expansion Edition: Tailored for current owners of the original TOKYO HIGHWAY game, this edition includes the new Rainbow City expansion components, allowing players to integrate the new features into their existing game.
  2. Complete Box Set: Geared towards newcomers, this set comprises the new Rainbow City box with all the components of the expansion and the original game, offering a comprehensive introduction to the gameplay.

New Features in TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City:

  1. Vivid Cityscape: “Tokyo Highway Rainbow City” aims to provide a more vibrant miniature world with added landmark components for players to customize their Tokyo roadways.
  2. Increased Car Variety: The expansion introduces 10 different car types, providing players with strategic options as they navigate the evolving cityscape.
  3. Upgraded Components: Enhanced materials, including new rubber for improved car grip and anti-slip pads on the highway components, contribute to an improved gaming experience.
  4. New Missions: Additional missions add variety and scoring opportunities to the gameplay.

Established in 2016, Itten is a Japan-based board game studio known for its unique games inspired by physical objects and spatial manipulation. Emphasizing wooden components, their games prioritize dexterity, quick setup, and straightforward rules. Past Kickstarter successes include the “Funbrick Series” and “Crash Octopus.”