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Final Countdown for ‘Fled’: The Kickstarter Escape Game Nearing Goal With Days to Spare

Final Countdown for ‘Fled’: The Kickstarter Escape Game Nearing Goal With Days to Spare

With just 42 hours left until its conclusion, the Kickstarter campaign for “Fled: A Gripping Game of Gutsy Escape” is nearing its funding target, currently standing at US$ 46,502 of its US$ 50,000 goal. The campaign has garnered support from 797 backers who are eager to dive into a game set within the confines of a 19th-century prison.

The brainchild of Mark Swanson, known for his work on Feudum, and brought to life with illustrations by Klemens Franz, “Fled” challenges 2-4 players to navigate their way out of a historical British fort turned prison, located on an island off Ireland’s south coast. Inspired by true events, the game casts players as prisoners, detained for minor crimes, who must now plot their escape.

Players in “Fled” will find themselves managing a hand of tiles representing different sections of the prison. These tiles are crucial for expanding the game board and enabling movement through the prison’s complex layout. Strategy comes into play as players collect contraband and trade it for essential tools needed for their escape, all while avoiding the watchful eyes of warders and adhering to the strict roll call schedule to avoid punishment.

The game introduces interesting elements such as the character of Father Lyons, a chaplain warder who might offer players a chance for liberation beyond the physical walls that contain them. Success in the game is measured by victory points, accumulated through the acquisition of items and successful escape efforts.

As the Kickstarter campaign enters its final phase, “Fled” promises an engaging blend of historical intrigue and strategic gameplay. The creators are calling on the community for their final push to bring this project to fruition, offering backers the opportunity to be among the first to experience the thrill of escape from a carefully designed game world based on a poignant chapter of history.