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Building Better Worlds Expansion for ALIEN RPG Unleashes New Horrors in the Cosmos

Building Better Worlds Expansion for ALIEN RPG Unleashes New Horrors in the Cosmos

Free League Publishing and 20th Century Studios have unveiled the latest expansion for the critically acclaimed ALIEN The Roleplaying Game. Titled “Building Better Worlds,” this expansion promises to take players on an enthralling journey through the vast and perilous expanse of space.

The release marks a significant moment for fans of the award-winning RPG, as it introduces a complete campaign module that aims to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. “Building Better Worlds” invites players to explore the mysteries of the cosmos, where the truths of humanity’s origins orbit dying stars, and an unsettling, alien presence awaits.

At its core, the expansion serves as a comprehensive toolkit for Game Masters, providing them with the necessary elements to orchestrate a full open-world campaign. Whether taking on the role of a pioneering explorer or a resilient colonist, players will find themselves immersed in the challenges and triumphs of life on the cosmic frontier.

Key features of ALIEN RPG: Building Better Worlds include a compelling history of colonization, expanded character creation rules for life in the frontier, an extensive chapter showcasing new gear and spaceships, encounters with new Xenomorphic creatures in the Extrasolar Species Catalog, and the framework for a frontier campaign in The Lost Worlds. Additionally, the expansion offers six thrilling expeditions into uncharted space, playable in any order, leading to the ultimate showdown in The Endgame.

The expansion is now available for purchase through the Free League webshop and retailers worldwide. Digital versions are accessible as PDF on DriveThruRPG and as a VTT module for Foundry. It’s essential to note that the ALIEN RPG core rulebook is a prerequisite for players eager to dive into the cosmic horrors presented in “Building Better Worlds.”

As players prepare to embark on this cosmic odyssey, the expansion promises an immersive experience, blending suspense, exploration, and the unnerving presence of the unknown. “Building Better Worlds” stands poised to redefine the ALIEN RPG landscape, providing both seasoned and new players with an unparalleled gaming adventure in the darkest reaches of space.