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Groo: The Game Returns to Kickstarter and Surpasses Funding Goal

Groo: The Game Returns to Kickstarter and Surpasses Funding Goal

Comic hero Groo the Barbarian is back in the game!

Comic fans rejoice! Groo: The Game, a fast and fun card game that brings to life the antics of the hapless comic hero Groo the Barbarian, has returned to Kickstarter. The campaign, launched by Steve Jackson Games, quickly surpassed its initial funding goal of $5,000, and with 10 days still remaining, has already amassed over $30,000 from 861 backers. The campaign will continue to run until June 30.

Groo: The Game, based on the iconic comic character created by Sergio Aragonés, first hit the market years ago but has been unavailable for quite some time. The Kickstarter campaign promises to bring back the classic game with its original gameplay, supplemented with cards illustrated by Aragonés himself, featuring Groo along with his friends and foes.

In the game, players are tasked with building a town while avoiding Groo, the unintentional bringer of destruction. Dice rolls generate resources, which players can use to build structures (earning victory points) or form armies (for attacking other players’ buildings and defending their own). Groo moves randomly around the board, invariably leaving destruction in his wake. The game concludes when only one player’s town remains standing, crowning them as the winner.

The Groo: The Game package includes 116 cards, seven dice, a 7″ x 7″ satin-lined dice bag, a tuckbox for card storage, and the game rules. Despite Groo the Barbarian being renowned for his lack of intelligence, this game will challenge players’ strategic and tactical skills, making every round an exciting adventure.

Groo: The Game perfectly encapsulates the humor and charm of the comic series, making it a must-have for fans of the lovable barbarian. With its easy-to-learn rules and fast-paced gameplay, it’s also a great addition to any casual gamer’s collection.

Supporters of the campaign have the chance to bring this fun and unique game back to the table. But act fast – there are only 10 days left before the campaign ends! As Groo himself might say, “It’s time for some fun… and cheese dip!”