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Friday Snippets

Friday Snippets

Hey everyone. This week has been… interesting. Both hectic and busy, but also occasionally “this is taking forever.” I think being somewhat under-the-weather for the latter half of it. But, we’re getting to the weekend and that’ll really help out. A couple days of just resting will be good. Being busy and not feeling great can be the worst. But, anyway, lets keep our energy up by noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have:

Quest Journals for Game Masters and Players Up On Kickstarter

It’s been almost three years since the launch of our first TTRPG notebook. Now, our trusted note-taking resources are launching in two brand–new formats that will make keeping track of your adventures a breeze!

Quest Binder – A faux-leather ring binder with a magnetic clasp, card slots, elastic pen holder and front/rear pockets. Comes with a 100-page Insert Pack of your choice tailored to either game masters (of any system), 5E players, or Pathfinder 2E players.

Quest Notebook – A wire-bound hardback notebook with elastic strap and rear pocket. Available in three versions designed for game masters (of any system), 5E players, or Pathfinder 2E players.

Where Legends Fall: Dark Tides – STL Files Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to another SRS Pay What You Want campaign. We thank you for the consideration and hope you will support us. This campaign is providing STL files to high quality 3D printable miniatures for your wargame and RPG tabletop games. Everything from this campaign comes with clean, hollow and pre-supported versions of all the following miniatures, have been optimized and print tested and are ready to be printed as is. This value price is the lowest we will supply these files for and your support helps us to continue to create more miniatures for you all in the future. As always thank you for the consideration and happy gaming.

Calamity’s Ashes: 3d Printable Modular Mecha Up On Kickstarter

Calamity’s Ashes is a post apocalyptic mecha and power armour stl project containing unique, highly customisable and extremely well armed warmachines to survive and conquer the remains of earth and its colony’s.

Raven’s Reserve: Arcane Tools and Tokens for Games and Magic Up On Kickstarter

My name is David Savedge and I am a blacksmith and game designer. I have a studio and blacksmith’s shop on my farm, Ravenstead.

Ravenstead is my home and family business, with smithing and metal work becoming a bigger part of what I do to provide. This current project will help better establish the workshop at Ravenstead.

When I’m not working on the farm or smithing, I’m thinking about games and gaming. I love classic tabletop role-playing games. My wife and daughter, The Witches of Ravenstead, are becoming a stronger influence on my projects and I really appreciated their input on these latest offerings. I’m excited to share my new project with you!

Toxic Touch Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Its beauty entices you to come in closer, its mesmerizing colors entice you to pick it up. As you gaze at these radiant colors in your hand you feel a warm sensation radiate from your hand to your entire body, the warmth turns to excruciating pain but you can’t scream paralysis from its poison has consumed you.