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The Detective Society Launches Murder on the Moon: An Immersive Puzzle Adventure on Kickstarter

The Detective Society Launches Murder on the Moon: An Immersive Puzzle Adventure on Kickstarter

The award-winning game creators at The Detective Society has launched their fifth game, “Murder on the Moon”, on Kickstarter. This immersive puzzle adventure brings the experience of an escape room into your home, combining intricate puzzles, technology, and a gripping narrative.

This murder mystery unfolds on humankind’s first permanent moon base, where an astronaut is found dead. One of the fellow crew members is surely the perpetrator, and it’s your task to identify who committed the crime. This intriguing premise promises to captivate backers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

In the spirit of The Detective Society’s previous successes, such as “The Disappearance of Claire Makova”, “The Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee”, “The Cursed Exhibition”, and “Trouble in Folklore Falls”, the game invites players to flex their detective muscles. As you piece together evidence, solve challenging puzzles, and make key deductions, you’ll immerse yourself in a narrative-driven world that unfolds from the comfort of your home.

One of the unique aspects of “Murder on the Moon” is its blend of physical and digital elements. While players will interact with tangible items in the box, they’ll also explore a rich digital world that requires investigating characters’ lives, interacting via email, chatbots, and more. The game strikes a unique balance between a true crime show, an escape room, and a board game.

Inside the box, players will find everything they need to crack the case. The game consists of three thrilling episodes, each designed to be completed in between an hour to an hour and a half. Along with a host of physical items such as documents, blueprints, overlays, and staff passes, the box introduces a new element to The Detective Society games: a 3D map of the moon base that players must assemble.

To further enhance the modern detective experience, The Detective Society has developed bespoke communication systems for players to converse with in-game characters. The team has also crafted highly detailed and immersive websites that serve as expansive online worlds for detectives to navigate as they search for clues.

“Murder on the Moon” is set to continue The Detective Society’s tradition of delivering immersive, engaging, and interactive gaming experiences. With the Kickstarter campaign ending on June 22, interested backers still have time to pledge their support and bring this lunar whodunit adventure to their doorstep.