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Pre-Order Your Ticket to Chaos: LEGO-Inspired Wargame BRIKWARS is Now Available

Pre-Order Your Ticket to Chaos: LEGO-Inspired Wargame BRIKWARS is Now Available

Today, the renowned tabletop board game publisher Modiphius Entertainment has announced that pre-orders for the final and definitive version of Mike Rayhawk’s BRIKWARS are now available. The creative and chaotic tabletop wargame inspired by LEGO bricks is sure to be a riotous hit among LEGO enthusiasts and tabletop gamers alike.

In BRIKWARS, the monotonous norms of standard brick building are left at the door. Players are invited to a world being snuffed out by mediocrity, where common sense and instructions are seen as threats to creativity. The heroes in this universe are those who rebel against the ordinary, whose mission is to restore the balance back towards the side of absolute chaos.

It’s time to marshal your random piles of bricks and parts, constructing soldiers, weapons, and unlikely vehicles to wage war against the mundane. The game encourages wild creativity: players can assemble valiant knights riding motorcycles and wielding hand grenades, hordes of minifigs being ferried by dragons, or tri-colored death machines armed with pirate cannons and nuclear warheads. In the BRIKWARS universe, it’s not about why, it’s about “why not?”

The BRIKWARS rulebook promises to enrich the gaming experience with a variety of features, including:

  • An arsenal of custom weapons for an explosive symphony of battle, ranging from monstrous machines to double-bladed green flaming swords.
  • A barrack full of specialists ready to flesh out your army and fulfill any roles needed.
  • The MOC Combat system, a deeply robust environment designed to handle the wildest flights of your imagination.
  • A series of narrative campaigns known as Heroic Escapades, designed to satiate the egos of your army’s greatest heroes.
  • A standard set of rules for initiating your battles, along with a guide on how to break all of the rules for added fun.