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Midweek Snippets

Midweek Snippets

My Monday and Tuesday rocketed by. Of course, that’s anything but a complaint as I’m always ready for the weekend to get here faster. But if I’m going to be sprinting to the weekend, I need to keep my energy up with some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter, we have:

Goodmire Swamp Minis and Terrain Up On Kickstarter

By backing our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll gain access to the following 25 resin-3D-printable STL files (AKA the “core set”). Please note: all rewards in this kickstarter campaign come in the form of strictly digital file downloads that will be made available to backers through upon successful conclusion of the campaign. No physical products will be shipped.

The Mindarian Menace Sci-fi Models Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to the Mindarian Menace Kickstarter campaign.

The Mindarians Supremacy is a warlike faction of hyper intelligent aliens that rely on their overly developed brains as weapons of war. Their advanced robotics accomplishes any goals that raw brain power can’t solve.

Ultracryl Premium Paints Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to the world of Ultracryl – the brand new acrylic paint series for miniature painters and modelers that breaks new ground! Because we at Ten01 labs have spent the past 4 years developing the perfect hobby paints. Ultracryl therefore stands for:

  • Ultra pigmentation
  • Ultra saturation
  • Ultra opacity
  • Ultra matte
  • Ultra flow

Every single Ultracryl paint was developed in our in-house lab, extensively tested by us and various miniature painters, and then improved until its maximum quality was achieved. Now the time has come to introduce our Ultracryl paint series to the whole world – and thus also to you – and to realize the production via this Kickstarter campaign.

Dragon Lair 5 Miniatures Up On Kickstarter

Religion, fantasy, fairy tales or other stories are just echoes of the past, in which people had to praise or demonize certain beings due to various circumstances. And now I’m going to tell you about one of these creatures. These creatures could fly freely through the sky, pierced the human ear with their voice, possessed armor that modern weapons would not cause any harm, and with their breath they could burn entire cities just by whispering. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the flight of dragons, admiring their power, burning everything in its path. Would you like to become the ruler of such creatures, have a whole army of dragons that would carry out all your orders? Our studio has worked very hard on this: we have created this den of dragons, which is waiting for its ruler.

Kraken’s Cabal Metal Dice Available From Kraken Dice

Emerging from the depths of the unknown, entangling tentacles shape the Halflings’ future in the quaint seaside town of Honeywallow. As the grip tightens, the Halflings begin to lose their critical thinking skills, falling victim to repetition and imitation. Nothing is truly original; even their thoughts were echoes of silent whispers from a forgotten past. Unaware to them, they had fallen prey to a secret cabal, dedicated to surrounding Honeywallow’s very soul with their sinister influence. Guiding the town’s journey through darkness and light for centuries without the Halflings’ knowledge, there seemed to be no escape. Yet as long as they had their community, friendship, nightly music and games, all seemed well.

A halfling named Zaldal Freedream knew the truth given to him by a traveler who passed through town a few summers ago. Although Zaldal was known in the town for making outrageous claims that seemed too fantastical to be true, some began to comprehend that they were merely pawns in the Cabal’s scheme. Nonetheless, the residents of Honeywallow felt secure and content for the time being, and that was what truly mattered.Kraken Dice is proud to present its latest metal dice set: Kraken’s Cabal.