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Explore Folstavia – The Anime Fantasy 5E RPG Setting – On Kickstarter Now

Explore Folstavia – The Anime Fantasy 5E RPG Setting – On Kickstarter Now

Dyskami Publishing’s latest Kickstarter project, Folstavia – Anime 5E RPG World Setting & Monster Expansions, has raised over $18,000 from a $30,000 goal in just a few days. With 23 days left to go, fans of anime and tabletop gaming have plenty of time to support the campaign before it ends on May 5.

The campaign offers a range of six expansion books and accessories for the popular Fifth Edition fantasy role-playing game, Anime 5E. The expansion includes the prime world setting of Folstavia: The Infinite Crossroads, a monster manual called Monstrum Libri Volume 1: Woodlands and Mountains, creature cards, a background creator, maps, and an adventure scenario for seasoned Anime 5E characters.

The Folstavia: The Infinite Crossroads setting is the official prime Anime 5E world, featuring a spectrum of fantasy sub-genre settings, with details about the history, culture, factions, folk, magic, and creatures of Folstavia’s eight continents and wondrous extraplanar regions. It also includes additional attributes and techniques, new player character species, character classes, magical objects, and dozens of monsters from across the Challenge Rating spectrum.

Monstrum Libri Volume 1: Woodlands and Mountains is a monster manual that explores a diverse collection of monsters, creatures, and other oddities of all shapes and sizes, primarily encountered in woodland and mountain habitats. Creature Cards Volume 1: Woodlands and Mountains features a convenient oversized deck of 136 monsters, beasts, and other oddities from across the Challenge Rating spectrum, which can be used at the gaming table in conjunction with the Anime 5E core rules.

Origin Story is a background character generator that helps players breathe life into their role-playing creations, adding details about their heritage, family, significant life events, and acquired abilities. The Folstavia Map Pack includes nine gorgeous full-color wall maps that depict the official Anime 5E role-playing world setting of Folstavia: The Infinite Crossroads. Each map measures 30” x 24”, which can be used on its own for a regional or continental campaign or combined to display the entire world of Folstavia in a giant 3 x 3 grid.

Adventures – Volume 1: Shadow Threats is a self-contained adventure for three to six 5th or 6th level characters that take place in the fortress-town of Valtark. Heroes will face monsters and intrigue while they learn the dangers of making assumptions. The narrative action can fit into most fantasy campaign structures, whether the characters are wandering mercenaries or on an epic quest.

The gorgeous volumes are packed with full-color illustrations from talented artists across the world, with a sturdy hardcover and durable Smyth-sewn binding that allows the books to lay flat and stay open to any page.

If you’re curious about the point-based game system mechanics and structure that reimagine the traditional Fifth Edition fantasy RPG, you can download the free 16-page Anime 5E Introductory Primer from DriveThruRPG. Dyskami Publishing also encourages new players to join the growing Anime 5E RPG community group on Facebook.