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Kickstarter Launches “D-Day Dice: To DO or DIE” – A Comprehensive Book on the Celebrated Dice Game

Kickstarter Launches “D-Day Dice: To DO or DIE” – A Comprehensive Book on the Celebrated Dice Game

A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched for “D-Day Dice: To DO or DIE,” a comprehensive book delving into the history, rules, and background of Emmanuel Aquin’s multi-award-winning solo/co-op dice game, D-Day Dice. The campaign, which aims to raise $6,341, has already surpassed its goal with $42,102 pledged by 436 backers and still has 21 days remaining.

“D-Day Dice” first emerged in 2009 as a print and play game on BoardGameGeek (BGG) by Emmanuel Aquin. It quickly evolved into a fully-fledged game, with its first edition launched on Kickstarter in 2011. This initial version set a record as the most successful board game on the platform at the time, crossing the $100,000 mark. The game’s second edition, released seven years later by Word Forge Games, saw even greater success, with over 20,000 copies sold globally, including expansions.

“D-Day Dice: To DO or DIE” is not just a book but a celebration of the game’s 15-year journey, encompassing both its challenges and triumphs. The book aims to consolidate every rule, optional rule, and scenario ever published for D-Day Dice, along with additional content, into one volume. It also serves as an update for players who own the first edition, allowing them to align with the current rules while using their original components.

The Kickstarter also offers a range of related products, including the “D-Day Dice: Arena Normandy Spiralbound Map Book,” various mini-expansions like “D-Day Dice: Funnies,” “Codebreakers,” and “Press Corps,” and items from previous D-Day Dice Kickstarters as add-ons.

“D-Day Dice: Arena Normandy” is a 64-page softback spiral-bound book featuring all 30 Battle Maps from the second edition, printed on high-quality paper. The “Funnies” expansion introduces Legendary Units inspired by early 20th-century comic strips, while “Codebreakers” and “Press Corps” pay tribute to the codebreakers and journalists of World War II, respectively. Another mini-expansion, “Landships,” is inspired by the solo play game “Pocket Landship” and challenges players’ dice management skills.