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Paizo Announces Exciting Plans for 2024: Major Releases, Conventions, and Volunteer Opportunities

Paizo Announces Exciting Plans for 2024: Major Releases, Conventions, and Volunteer Opportunities

Paizo has unveiled a lineup for 2024, promising an eventful year for Pathfinder and Starfinder enthusiasts. The company is set to release significant rulebooks, including “Howl of the Wild,” the “Lost Omens Tian Xia World Guide,” and “Player Core 2.” Additionally, Paizo is launching the playtest for the new edition of Starfinder, marking a significant milestone for the game.

In conjunction with these releases, Paizo invites passionate gamers to volunteer as Organized Play Game Masters (GMs). These volunteers, considered the best in their field, will be integral to the success of over 1,000 games planned to be run both online and in person throughout the year. Paizo emphasizes the importance of these GMs in introducing new players to the games and managing events on major stages.

For 2024, Paizo is introducing an incentive for GMs who run games at Premier or Premier Plus events. They will receive a $15 voucher for each game block they host, which can also be used at the Paizo booth at Gen Con in Indianapolis. Further rewards, including badges, PDF or print products, and hotel accommodations, are based on the number of blocks a GM volunteers for.

PaizoCon Online 2024, scheduled from May 24-27, will feature both online and physical components, including the launch of Starfinder Society Year 7 and new Pathfinder Society scenarios. GMs interested in volunteering for PaizoCon Online need to create a free account on Tabletop.Events and complete the volunteer form.

Gen Con Indianapolis 2024, set for August 1-4, will spotlight the launch of Pathfinder Society Year 6 and the second run of the Starfinder Society interactive special, alongside the highly anticipated Starfinder Second Edition Playtest. Volunteer roles at Gen Con include Game Master, Headquarters staff, Demo GM, Board Game Demo GM, and Academy GM, each with specific responsibilities and rewards.

Origins 2024, taking place from June 19-23 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, is another major event where volunteers are sought for various roles. While Paizo won’t have an official presence, it recognizes Origins as a Premier event, offering additional rewards for GMs and players.

Volunteers are essential to the success of these conventions, and Paizo is committed to providing them with support, training, and rewards. Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to apply early and join the Premier Conventions planning server for all necessary information and updates.