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Building Characters in Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Building Characters in Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Your character. If you’re not the DM, it’s pretty much everything you have in an RPG. So, it’s important that your character is built the way you want. But how do you go about making one? That’s an extremely important question, and one that’s answered in this article from Piazo about building characters in Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

From the post:

Making a character in Pathfinder Second Edition is a process that most experienced gamers will find familiar, but wherever possible, we made changes to make the process more intuitive while still giving you a mountain of choices and flexibility. It all starts with imagining the character you want to play. Maybe you want to be a ferocious dwarven warrior who takes on the aspects of an animal in the heat of battle. Maybe you want to play a wise-cracking elven con artist who grew up on the streets, but now plays at being a member of high society. Or maybe you just want to make a mysterious wizard that loves to blow things up. Pathfinder gives you all the tools to make these characters and countless more! Even if you don’t have a complete concept in mind, the steps of character creation in Pathfinder are there to help you make the big decisions and focus in on a character that you are excited to play.