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Paizo Adds 5 Pathfinder Species to Starfinder

Paizo Adds 5 Pathfinder Species to Starfinder

Why can’t you have a gnoll on your starship crew? Why can’t you get to a planet full of kobolds? What if you want to search the stars for a kitsune? Well, Paizo is here to answer all of those with, “Sure, you can do that” as they add five classic fantasy races to their Starfinder game.

From the article:

This month, we’re proud to release Starfinder Alien Character Cards, which serves as an easy reference when players want to know what racial traits a given alien species offers. While the Alien Archives provided the bulk of these species, we also took the opportunity to present five new-to-Starfinder species for eager players as well—gnolls, gripplis, kitsunes, kobolds, and samsarans.

It seems unfair to only let players take these classic fantasy species for a spin in the Pact Worlds, so here are some rules for GMs. Use these creature subtype grafts when crafting NPCs of the associated species. For more information on creature grafts, see page 133 of the Starfinder Alien Archive.