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Catalyst Game Labs Teams Up with Paizo for Pathfinder Deckbuilding Adventure: Runefire

Catalyst Game Labs Teams Up with Paizo for Pathfinder Deckbuilding Adventure: Runefire

Catalyst Game Labs, the creative force behind the legendary BattleTech and Shadowrun franchises, has unveiled its latest venture, “Runefire,” a cooperative narrative deckbuilding game set in the expansive universe of the Pathfinder roleplaying game. With plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign within the year, the company has promised an array of sneak peeks and updates throughout 2024.

“Runefire” aims to blend the intricate lore of Pathfinder with the dynamic gameplay of narrative deckbuilding. Players will embark on epic journeys across the Inner Sea region, exploring renowned locales like Cheliax, Numeria, and Taldor. The game offers a diverse selection of ancestries and classes for players to choose from, including dwarves, elves, halflings, humans, clerics, rogues, fighters, and wizards. As adventurers progress, they will have opportunities to enhance their characters through leveling up, acquiring new equipment, mastering feats, and unfolding a unique story influenced by their decisions.

Mike Webb, VP of Sales and Marketing at Paizo, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to see the rich world we’ve created in Golarion reach new fans through the incredible engine the team at Catalyst have built.” He highlighted the game’s appeal to both Pathfinder enthusiasts and fans of Catalyst’s existing game systems.

“Runefire” is built upon the same acclaimed engine that powered “Crossfire” for Shadowrun and “Dragonfire” for Dungeons & Dragons, promising a fresh and engaging experience for fans of Golarion and Pathfinder. The game will delve deep into the lore, incorporating elements from the newly remastered Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core to ensure an immersive and enjoyable experience for players.

Randall N. Bills, Creative Director of Catalyst Game Labs, shared his personal excitement for the project, noting his previous work on “Dragonfire” as a career highlight. He expressed his delight in developing “Runefire,” mentioning the joy of immersing himself in the game’s development and the lore of Golarion. Bills praised the collaborative effort with Paizo and his team, emphasizing their shared goal of creating an authentic Pathfinder experience that would resonate with players.

Fans of roleplaying and deckbuilder games alike are encouraged to keep an eye on Catalyst Game Labs’ website ( for more details about “Runefire” and its upcoming crowdfunding campaign.