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Chaosium Releases “Alone Against the Static” in Hardcover: A Solo Call of Cthulhu Adventure

Chaosium Releases “Alone Against the Static” in Hardcover: A Solo Call of Cthulhu Adventure

Chaosium has announced the release of “Alone Against the Static” in hardcover, an engaging solo adventure set in the unnerving universe of Call of Cthulhu. This modern-era scenario, initially set in the early 1990s, promises a unique solo gaming experience that delves deep into the heart of the Cthulhu Mythos.

A Troubled Getaway Turns into a Fight for Survival

The story follows Alex and Charlie, a couple seeking to rekindle their marriage with a secluded weekend in the Black Hills of South Dakota. However, their retreat quickly spirals into a chilling encounter with ancient, dark forces. Players will face the question: Will they survive, alone against the static?

Innovative Solo Mechanics and Replayability

“Alone Against the Static” is designed uniquely for single-player enjoyment, requiring no game Keeper. Players can choose to play as either Alex or Charlie, each character offering different strengths, weaknesses, and choices. This design ensures that no two playthroughs are alike, providing a richly replayable experience.

The Log Sheet: A New Way to Track Your Journey

A notable feature is the introduction of The Log Sheet, a new mechanic in the world of solo Call of Cthulhu play. This tool allows players to track their choices, discoveries, and the items they encounter, all while avoiding spoilers. The Log Sheet doubles as a list of achievements, challenging players to uncover all the secrets the game has to offer.

Expand Your Mythos with a New Entity

In addition to the solo adventure, “Alone Against the Static” includes a new Mythos entity, complete with details for integration into other Call of Cthulhu scenarios. This addition offers players the opportunity to extend their experience beyond solo play and into group adventures, potentially using this solo adventure as a prelude.

Availability and Pricing

“Alone Against the Static” is available for purchase on The full-color hardcover edition, which includes a PDF copy, is priced at $29.99. Alternatively, the standalone PDF is available for $14.99, also purchasable at DriveThruRPG.