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“Party Panda Pirates” is Now on Kickstarter: A Fun-Filled Family Game

“Party Panda Pirates” is Now on Kickstarter: A Fun-Filled Family Game

A New Gaming Adventure from the Creators of Dodos Riding Dinos

Detestable Games has launched its latest family-friendly board game, “Party Panda Pirates,” on Kickstarter. Inspired by the joyous spirit of Mario Party, this game has already captured the hearts of backers, surpassing its initial goal of US$ 10,000 with an impressive US$ 23,770 pledged by 471 supporters. With 16 days remaining and the campaign ending on December 22, it’s shaping up to be a must-have for family game nights.

Gameplay: A Mix of Challenges and Fun

“Party Panda Pirates” invites players to join a crew of eye-masked pirate pandas on a journey across the seas. The game’s centerpiece is a giant turtle-boat, from which players slide their panda pirate meeple onto islands in the Avian Archipelago to collect coins. Gameplay includes a variety of mini-games, ranging from dexterity-based challenges to memory, luck, or area movement tasks. Players can compete in free-for-all challenges, team up, or face off in 1-vs-many mini-games.

Before each mini-game, players predict who will win or lose, with correct guesses earning them coins. At the round’s end, players move their characters on the Treasure Hunt board in search of buried chests, which represent victory points. After six rounds, the game concludes, and players can use their coins to acquire more chests, with the player holding the most chests declared the winner.

Deluxe Upgrades and Interactive Elements

The game features deluxe upgrades and six unique miniatures representing pirates from pop culture. Backers will have the opportunity to help name these characters and shape their abilities during a live Kickstarter event. The game components are language-independent, and rulebooks are available in both English and Spanish. For other languages, a special $1 reward tier keeps backers informed about official localization news or translations by fellow supporters.

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Wednesday 6th of December 2023

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