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Modiphius Entertainment Announces Pre-Order for Dreams and Machines Starter Set

Modiphius Entertainment Announces Pre-Order for Dreams and Machines Starter Set

Modiphius Entertainment is thrilled to announce the pre-order availability of the Dreams and Machines Starter Set, the first game from their new sci-fi fantasy IP. This intriguing universe, conceived by Modiphius founder and CCO Chris Birch, transports players to a distant planet on the brink of a technological catastrophe as ancient mechanical monstrosities stir from their slumber.

The team has also released a video delving into the background and setting of Dreams and Machines, providing eager fans with a sneak peek into this exciting new world.

Set to debut at Gen Con on August 3, 2023, those who pre-order the Dreams and Machines Starter Set now will gain immediate access to the quickstart PDF. This valuable 30-page guide comes packed with six pre-generated characters, allowing players to plunge right into the action. The quickstart PDF will not be made publicly available until two weeks after the pre-order launch. Final starter set PDFs will be delivered to pre-order customers as soon as they become available.

The game is set on Evera Prime, a remote human colony far from Earth that bears the scars of a self-inflicted apocalypse. As humanity rebuilds among the ruins, the remnants of the Old World’s destructive A.I. and the mechs it once controlled remain a dormant threat. But with these sleeping giants beginning to stir, chaos looms once again over the land.

The Dreams and Machines Starter Set invites players to begin unraveling the mysteries of Evera Prime. With its intuitive tutorial and unique character creation mechanics, players can leap into the action without delay. A thrilling adventure awaits, filled with ancient ruins, powerful technology, and dangerous enemies.

The game utilizes a unique update to the 2d20 system, promoting cooperation among players and allowing them to use their Spirit to fuel the action. Additionally, players can create equipment out of thin air, interact with advanced ancient systems, and exchange ‘Knowledge Fragments’ for resources.

“Dreams and Machines is more than a game—it’s a transmedia IP with tabletop gaming at its heart,” says Chris Birch. The IP will continue to grow through other game types like a core RPG line and a skirmish miniatures game and will eventually extend into other media such as novelizations, a television show, and video games.

To pre-order the Dreams and Machines Starter Set, visit the official Modiphius website.