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Free League Publishing and Limithron Announce the Arrival of PIRATE BORG

Free League Publishing and Limithron Announce the Arrival of PIRATE BORG

Ready your flintlocks and prepare for high-seas horror. Free League Publishing and Limithron have announced their latest RPG endeavor, PIRATE BORG, is set to debut on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19, 2023.

PIRATE BORG is a spin-off of the critically acclaimed and gold ENnie-winning RPG MÖRK BORG. Written and illustrated by Luke Stratton, also known as Limithron, this new game invites players into a world of piracy inspired by history, fantasy, and horror. The pre-order is now open at the Free League webstore, with immediate access to the full PDFs ahead of the official release. A sneak peek of the game will also be available at Gen Con.

The 166-page PIRATE BORG rulebook plunges players into the lawless world of piracy. In this daring game, players recruit a crew, raid and pillage, upgrade their ships, search for treasure, face off against monstrous sea creatures, and inevitably meet their demise on the high seas.

Included in the PIRATE BORG book are eight character classes, easy-to-learn naval combat rules, stats for 18 vessels, 80+ NPCs & monsters, 90+ system agnostic tables, and The Curse of Skeleton Point, a sandbox-style adventure with eleven pirate-themed locations.

The game’s creator, Luke Stratton, is known for his detailed pirate-themed battle maps and has long held a fascination with the Golden Age of Piracy. Stratton, who turned to creating RPG content at the start of the pandemic, has amassed a loyal following on Patreon. PIRATE BORG is his latest contribution to the RPG community, following his successful Limithron’s Guide to Naval Combat for 5th Edition.

Stratton’s PIRATE BORG promises to immerse players in a world where survival is a constant struggle and death is just a cannon blast away. Despite the odds, players are encouraged to ‘get a live one’ and keep their tales of daring and debauchery alive. For more information, visit,, or

This new RPG builds upon the success of MÖRK BORG, a dark and edgy RPG that took the role-playing game scene by storm in 2020. Since its release, it has won numerous awards, including ENnie’s Product of the Year, and has built a dedicated cult following. In 2022, Free League and Stockholm Kartell continued the Borg legacy with the release of the celebrated spin-off game CY_BORG. PIRATE BORG sets sail to continue this successful trend, bringing horror and adventure to the seven seas.