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Art of Wuxia RPG Now Available

Art of Wuxia RPG Now Available

If you’re like me, you’re a fan of old kung-fu movies from places like the Shaw Brothers. You know, the old Jackie Chan and Gordon Liu flicks with chi masters and kung-fu artists and lots of high-flying, martial-arts action. If you’re wanting to bring that down to your tabletops, you can now do so with Art of Wuxia, a new RPG from DwD Studios. The core rulebooks and some new supplements are available now.

From the release:

In Art of Wuxia, players take on the role of heroes of Longzhi (a new mystic fantasy setting inspired by ancient China). Characters utilize their qi while raising fists, spells, and blades against tyrants, demons, and spirits who would spread evil on the land.

Embrace the three tenets of the virtuous hero. Run on water, climb on air. Wander the land and become the balance to the darkness and dread which ever seeks to invade the prosperity of the land and its people.

The core rulebook is 180 pages of skills, alchemy, qi abilities, spells, kung fu styles and techniques, weapons and gear… but it’s more than that. It contains all players and GMs need to create and develop characters through years of high flying wuxia adventure, traveling the land, righting wrongs, fighting villains and sometimes creatures only spoken of in stories. It even includes a broad brushstroke setting. Top it off with rules for magic item creation, poison, disease, adventure and villain construction, weapons of ingenious design and secret kung fu techniques that require adventures of their own to acquire!

Not only a stand-alone game, this book also contains skills, races, creatures, and spells which would feel right at home added to other d00lite systems, making this an excellent resource for GMs looking to add some wuxia to their games.

This product comes with an assortment of helpful sheets and additional items:

  • A Cultivation Log, a form-fillable PDF to track Cultivation Points at the end of a session. Or print it out and use it at the table!
  • A Character Sheet, form-fillable PDF in two forms (one with lines, and one with broad areas to type in). Use your computer or tablet to keep track, or print these out and use them old-school!
  • A Session Log, for GMs to keep track of all the friends made, foes slain, deeds done, etc. Like the rest, this is form-fillable or can be printed and used at the table.
  • Poster Map, for the setting of Longzhi. Print it at home or bring it up on a tablet at the game table, zoomed to wherever you’re adventuring!
  • Reference Sheets for the players and the GM, including summaries of spells, qi abilities, kung-fu techniques, and all the tables and references to help make a session flow smoothly.