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Kickstarter Campaign for “Inventions: Evolution of Ideas” by Vital Lacerda Blows Past Funding Goal

Kickstarter Campaign for “Inventions: Evolution of Ideas” by Vital Lacerda Blows Past Funding Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for the strategy board game, “Inventions: Evolution of Ideas” by renowned designer Vital Lacerda, has already surpassed its initial funding goal of $100,000, with pledges currently standing at over $572,000. The campaign, featuring stunning artwork by Ian O’Toole, has until July 9 to secure even more support from board game enthusiasts worldwide.

“Inventions: Evolution of Ideas” transports players through the milestones of human development, allowing them to harness the power of humanity’s most significant inventions. As Homo sapiens technologists, players will stimulate societal evolution through cards that represent the emerging concepts that will become groundbreaking inventions.

Each player creates and evolves their society using Ingenuity Points (IP) as a measure of progress. The player with the most IPs, signifying the most advanced society, wins the game. This game engages players in long-term tactical gameplay revolving around innovative strategies.

Renowned designer Vital Lacerda, known for his euro strategy games like “Weather Machine,” “Kanban EV,” “The Gallerist,” and “On Mars,” has once again proven his ingenuity in game mechanics with “Inventions: Evolution of Ideas.” His master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising and passion for intertwined mechanics and themes are reflected in this captivating game.

Ian O’Toole, an Irish illustrator and graphic designer based in Western Australia, has contributed to the game’s visually striking aesthetic. O’Toole’s impressive portfolio includes artwork for games such as “Weather Machine,” “Kanban EV,” “Rococo: Deluxe Edition,” and “The Gallerist.”

For those eager to get a sneak peek of the game, “Inventions: Evolution of Ideas” is available to try on Tabletopia. Kickstarter backers can also look forward to the game’s Deluxe Series, which includes other Vital Lacerda titles, as part of the campaign’s stretch goals.

Moreover, a special add-on for the campaign is a hand-signed and numbered signature decal by Vital Lacerda himself, offered in a limited quantity. This exclusive touch adds a unique charm for the game’s dedicated fans.

The First Wave pledge level promises backers an early delivery, with copies air-freighted to the fulfillment center about a month ahead of the regular fulfillment in the U.S. The campaign also includes advanced shipping in the pledge price, with additional shipping fees for any add-ons purchased applied in the post-campaign pledge manager.

With 19 days left and counting, the Kickstarter campaign for “Inventions: Evolution of Ideas” continues to invite backers to partake in the evolution of societal advancements through the power of invention.