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Free League Publishing Announces “Building Better Worlds” for ALIEN RPG, Launching January 16

Free League Publishing Announces “Building Better Worlds” for ALIEN RPG, Launching January 16

A New Frontier Awaits in the Award-Winning ALIEN Roleplaying Game Universe

Free League Publishing has revealed the upcoming expansion for their multiple award-winning ALIEN The Roleplaying Game. Titled “Building Better Worlds,” this highly anticipated module is set to release on January 16, promising to bring the untamed cosmos and its hidden horrors directly to the gaming table.

Exploring the Unknown

“Building Better Worlds” offers a gripping campaign module that plunges players into the role of pioneers and colonists at the edge of known space. The expansion is designed to run a full open-world campaign, capturing the essence of exploration and survival that defines the ALIEN universe.

A Deep Dive into Humanity’s Reach for the Stars

This comprehensive module contains:

  • History of Colonization: A narrative detailing humanity’s ambitious spread across the stars.
  • Creating Explorers & Colonists: Expanded character creation options for life in the frontier.
  • Gear & Ships: An extensive chapter featuring new equipment and spaceships, brought to life with stunning illustrations.
  • Extrasolar Species Catalog: A collection of new Xenomorphic creatures waiting to be encountered.
  • The Lost Worlds: The framework and backstory for a frontier campaign.
  • Expeditions: Six adrenaline-pumping expeditions into uncharted space, playable in any order.
  • The Endgame: A climactic final showdown where everything is at stake.

Core Rulebook: The Foundation of Fear and Adventure

Players will need the ALIEN RPG core rulebook, first released in 2019 by Free League Publishing in collaboration with 20th Century Studios, to dive into “Building Better Worlds.” The core rulebook, a testament to the game’s success, sold out its first print run and has won multiple awards, including the ENNIE Award for Best Game 2020 and the People’s Choice Award for Best RPG at the UK Game Expo.

The ALIEN roleplaying game, lauded for its faithful recreation of the iconic universe, offers a blend of body horror and corporate brinkmanship in a universe that is as unforgiving as it is vast. Players are thrust into a world where they are expendable, facing threats both human and beyond imagination, where survival is never guaranteed.

Anticipation and Availability

“Building Better Worlds” is not just an expansion; it’s a gateway to new, unexplored territories filled with wonder and terror in equal measure. Fans can pre-order the expansion now, preparing to embark on a journey where the vastness of space holds both the mysteries of humanity’s origins and the chilling presence of the alien.

As Captain J.V. Gorham aptly puts it, “Space is a pitch-black room—stick your hand out and you might never get it back. Of course, you also might touch God. It’s a gamble either way.” With “Building Better Worlds,” the gamble promises to be a thrilling one.