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Kobold Press Unveils Playtest Packet #3 for Tales of the Valiant: Monsters Update

Kobold Press Unveils Playtest Packet #3 for Tales of the Valiant: Monsters Update

Kobold Press has recently released its latest playtest packet for Tales of the Valiant (ToV). Playtest Packet #3 focuses on monsters, and according to lead designer Wolfgang Baur, the goal is to build on the elements that work best in 5E while also expanding the monster lineup with new ideas about presentation, options to speed up play, and ways to give monsters interesting choices.

The playtesting process allows designers to receive feedback from players and make changes accordingly. In this latest packet, there are four new options being tested, including flat damage, low-CR hit points, doom points, and improved rules around stealth and perception.

Flat damage is a change that provides a single number for damage rather than variable/rolled damage. The advantage of this change is that it removes some burden from the Game Master (GM), providing quicker, cleaner combat when there are a lot of attack rolls. However, early feedback has suggested that some groups may not like this change, and the designers are still considering both flat and variable damage.

Low-CR hit points is a change aimed at making SRD monsters match the power curve of the Tome of Beasts, a book of monsters with higher challenge ratings. The goal is to make low-CR creatures more challenging, and experienced GMs are already familiar with adding extra hit points to standard 5E monsters to achieve this.

Doom points give powerful creatures and boss monsters a way to add drama and throw a wrench in heroic plans. They can improve a monster’s odds on the attack, provide disadvantage on a saving throw, or empower certain rare, one-time abilities. This mechanic is somewhat like ki points for monks combined with legendary actions, and it aims to work across monster design as a whole.

Finally, improved rules around stealth and perception aim to make these elements of gameplay easier and more straightforward for both monsters and heroes.

The playtest feedback form is open for another week, and players are encouraged to try out the new monsters, provide feedback, and let the designers know what hits, what misses, and what surprises them. Tales of the Valiant has been gaining popularity among RPG players, and with these latest updates, it looks like it will continue to offer exciting adventures and challenging encounters for years to come.