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Explore New Worlds and Species with Starfinder Ports of Call!

Explore New Worlds and Species with Starfinder Ports of Call!

Starfinder Ports of Call, promises to take you on a journey through the galaxy like never before. This 194-page hardcover book is jam-packed with new locales, species, and rules that are sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.

One of the most exciting elements of the book is its overview of the state of the Starfinder galaxy in the aftermath of the Drift Crisis event, along with details of 10 major ports that can host a variety of adventures or serve as resting spots for characters. These ports come with unique contacts to meet, interesting side jobs to take part in, and new starship options that will take players on a thrilling ride through space.

But that’s not all. Starfinder Ports of Call also provides rules for cargo running, extra rules for expanded downtime, and new species to play as. The book’s detailed description of the galaxy, known as Desna’s Path, introduces players to a wide range of interstellar phenomena, including the massive black hole at the galaxy’s heart known as Old Rovagug, and the magical event dubbed Pharasma’s Coil.

In addition to all the exciting content, the book also presents playable species rules for the gaseous thyrs of the Kreiholm Freehold, who appeared in the Scoured Stars storyline and have a strong presence in the port of Izadamar. Speaking of ports, the book also features Drifter’s End, a melting pot of different alien ambassadors and visitors to the immense Absalom Station that acts as the heart of the Starfinder setting. Drifter’s End is also home to the campus of the Lorespire Complex that acts as the Starfinder Society’s headquarters in the cosmos.

The book’s lead developer, John Compton, and supporting development by Joe Pasini, have put in a lot of hard work to bring Starfinder Ports of Call to life. The book is expected to be released soon, and players are already eagerly anticipating all the new adventures that await them in this thrilling galaxy.